Is G-sync worth it on a 144hz monitor at 1440p (Asus PG278Q ROG Swift)

Recently looking at the ROG Swift monitor but i don't understand why it needs g-sync. I know g-sync is supposed to be a really good new technology but isn't it supposed to replace v-sync which is used to prevent screen tearing due to frame rates above the refresh rate of the monitor. But at 1440p you would definitely need a multiple gpu settup to get up to even close to the refresh rate of this monitor if you want graphics settings at at least high. I have a gtx 780 so unless i out the graphics settings on low i would never make use of this feature on fps's like far cry 4 and battlefield 4. Am i wrong that g-sync isn't worth it on this monitor and also is the Acer XB280HK better value as it is £100 cheaper and has 4k and g-sync aswell. .
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  1. That monitor is an elite gaming monitor. If you don't plan on heavily gaming on FPS or twitch-style games, you really don't need to waste your hard earned dollar on this thing.

    A second thing to keep in mind too, G-SYNC is new. There are going to be lots of early-adopters out there, and they will charge a premium for such technology. So if you can't justify this, aka, you don't mind occasional screen tearing, then don't buy it now. Wait. It may not seem worth it now, but when G-SYNC or FreeSync is on every monitor on the market, people will forget what "screen tearing" was all about.

    The Acer model you mentioned could be a better "early-adopter" value. But we all know Acer builds lower quality parts, (but ASUS recently seems to follow suit too). It depends on the rest of the features and differences.
  2. This is a thing that some people notice and others dont. You can still get tearing when you are running lower than your refresh rate, however it isnt very noticeable on 144hz. Also Gsync for the 4k monitor doesnt work very well at the moment because the maximum refresh rate is 60hz.

    As for the ROG Swift monitor, its one of those "We made this because we can" type of ordeals. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I dont think there is consumer hardware able to pull 144fps at 1440p, so the gsync will help eliminate the small amount of tearing under 144fps.
  3. If you're wanting to go with the Acer XB280HK you better have some serious horsepower to push a decent amount of frames. 1440p is much less demanding that 4K.

    At minimum I wouldn't touch 4K without a pair of R9 290's or GTX 970's.
  4. Maxwell4ME said:
    If you're wanting to go with the Acer XB280HK you better have some serious horsepower to push a decent amount of frames. 1440p is much less demanding that 4K.

    At minimum I wouldn't touch 4K without a pair of R9 290's or GTX 970's.

    I thought so that why i wasnt so sure about 4k, what im looking for at the moment is a monitor that has 1440p resolution and a refresh rate above 60hz as i cant find any other than the rog swift which is a bit on the expensive side, all but the korean monitors you find i heard were a bit of a risk due to the likelihood of having dead pixels. I dont really need one that has g-sync and 144hz, at the moment there only seems to be monitors going from one extreme to the other.
  5. OP, it is all your choice and personal opinion of G-sync but I would personally not care about it as it seems like too much.
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    I think you guys are missing the point of the Asus Rog. 144hz is a feature, but so is G-sync. You do not need to run at 144 FPS for it to be beneficial. It is beneficial at 40 FPS, 80 FPS, and even 120 fps. 144 FPS isn't even ideal for the monitors features. With G-sync, you don't want more than 130 FPS, or DirectX v-sync style lag creeps in and with ULMB, you are limited to 120hz.

    All G-sync monitors are 144hz, and will be fore a while, unless they are 4k, due to 4k not being able to go past 60hz. If you want 1440p and G-sync, go for it. If you want 1440p and 144hz, go for it. It isn't required to hit 144 FPS to get a great experience.
  7. I have one of this monitor and I am running 2 x EVGA GTX980 in SLi. Don' t get this monitor. The technology is still too early. This monitor has problem. You can find a lot about it on internet or even youtube. After a couple of weeks of perfect 144hz gaming - Dying Light at 2560 x 1440. The display just went a touch fuzzy when just at desktop (not in game). Getting a new one from ASUS didn't help. More like getting the money back would be great. I will suggest you to try the latest 28" gsync from Acer. Back to this fuzzy problem. Changing the NVidia driver to earlier version as suggested by ASUS only worked for a day or two. Then it just gone fuzzy again. What I did try was that I changed the frequency from 144 down t0 60. Ran it for the day. Then the next day, I changed it back to 144hz. Then I change it back to 60 when the screen went fuzzy again. It has been like this for the past few months. By the way, not all the game support 144 hz. The latest one Fallout 4, there are so many bugs. If your monitor is anything over 60 hz, you will find yourself stuck at any terminals that you try to hack. This is a known bug. So, be wary. I will say wait for another year at least if you are a hardcore gamer. Otherwise, good luck and enjoy the 144hz
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