Amd cpu fx series 8120 black edition 8, best processor for £119.00?

Also im a PC Gamer, so i will be looking to play on 1920x1080 at highest details (:
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  1. amd cpu fx series 8120 black edition 8, best processor for £119.00?

    From what i can see, and according to this website

    This processor seems the best for the price of around £120.00.

    Also can anyone advise the best graphics card for around £80-£110, at the moment it seems like the Xfx HD 6850 - xfx HD 6870.

    My current GPU is the "Asus Nvidia GTX 550ti which i bought brand new for £70.00 from currys (:

    If anyone can find better on websites such as Scan or amazon, it is greatly appreciated

    Many Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello! While the AMD FX-8120 is a decent processor for heavily-threaded applications, it is actually slower than the Intel i3 (any Sandy/Ivy Bridge Intel works here) on single or lightly-threaded applications such as gaming and general use. View the benchmarks here:

    While does provide some comparison, it doesn't provide benchmarks, which is really what you want to look at.

    Since you said you are a PC gamer, I would definitely recommend the i3-3220 over the AMD FX-8120. Since most games do not make use of more than 2 cores (some using 4) the FX-8120 will actually give you worse frame rates (as seen in the benchmarks linked above).

    Now I'm not 100% sure how the price differs between where we live, but from just doing a currency converting app it seems you have about $190. This is enough for an even stronger processor, and Intel i5 Sandy/Ivy Bridge. If you can afford it, any Intel Sandy or Ivy Bridge i5 will give the best gaming performance (and performance/price ratio) of any current processor.

    Final thoughts: If you have the bank for it, get an i5, if not, stick with an i3. Good luck!
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