Extremely high CPU temps (98°C)

Hi all,

Everyone always complains about my room being extremely hot so I decided to check the temperatures and was surprised to see that they looked as so:

CPU - 45-50c
GPU - 60c

CPU - 88-99c
GPU - 80-82c

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3R
CPU: Intel Core i5 750 2.66GHz
GFX Card: Radeon HD 6870
CPU Fan: Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro
Case: Coolermaster Elite 330
Case Fans: 1 x 120mm Fan at the back blowing air out

I am considering buying another fan to put in the front to blow air in, would it make much of a difference?

Temps while gaming:

PC Case Setup:

I have 2 missing PCI slots as you can see, I am not sure what sort of effect that would have on the temperatures.

Things I have done:
- Took out Case/CPU Fan and cleaned out all the dust.
- Vacuumed rest of dust in case
- Made sure CPU cooler was firmly in place.

The CPU cooler I use is a bit big and interfers with the ram sticks, as you can see from the pic.
It did not fit properly and I had to force it down, so I think I will need to reapply some thermal paste.

But apart from that does anyone know what else I can do?
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  1. Add a few more case fans and do some cable management.
    That should improve airflow.
    And also there might be something wrong with your thermal paste so replace it ASAP.
  2. The addition of a fan (or two possibly) may help a bit. But I'm thinking that remounting the CPU cooler (and reapplying thermal compound) and also turning it 90 degrees (if possible) may be a good option.
    Having those open PCI slots will help airflow a little but won't help with dust
    My $0.02 worth
  3. Hi,

    Turn it 90 degree clockwise so the fan points towards the rear fan?

    I am pretty sure when I first installed the CPU and fan it would only go on that way but when the thermal paste comes I will try again.

    Any tips on cable management? I have no idea what I should be doing.

    I also ordered 2x 120mm fans that got good reviews (120mm red Xilence Fans) hopefully I'll see an improvement.
  4. Re-installing the cooler(with new paste) is a must(check to ensure it is sitting on the cpu and not hitting anything else[would cause a gap and damage cooling ability]. Too much thermal paste is no good either.). No reason for that cpu to run THAT hot.

    Hell even stock runs cooler.


    The heatsink has just collected too much dust. Is the heatsink dusty?


    I see you have a 1200 rpm fan, is that the case or cpu fan? If case its all good if cpu, maybe the board temperature motioning speed control is not working. HWmon shows a 25c cpu temp after all.
  5. Hi,

    I think the 1200 RPM fan is the CPU fan but I am not positive, how can I find out?

    Also I was considering buying this new CPU cooler:
    Corsair A50

    Any opinions on it?

  6. you can check my slowing the rear 120mm with your hand and seeing what fan slows down on SpeedFan or HWmon.

    If you enter the bios and go under hardware monitor, you can turn off the Smart fan control to see if the temps get better. It will be louder, but this will allow you to see if its the coolers mounting or if the board is not increasing the fan speed.

    The A50 is a good cooler, but i am not sure you should need a new one.

    A long shot would be to run the cpu at a lower voltage. My i5 750 was able to get to very low voltage levels(0.80V idle 1.04v load and 1.20v turbo[the turbo was beyond my control]) and still be stable.
  7. Also - Anything bad about the fact my CPU fan is blowing or sucking air from the GPU card?
  8. Ok I slowed it down and Fan 4 1200 fan is the Case fan!
    I wouldn't really want to mess about with the voltages as I am a complete newbie and would rather avoid doing it incase I mess something up.
  9. The temps do go up as a result because you are pulling heat off the back of the gpu. I have done it in the past without issues.

    Unfortunately I have never tried the Freezer coolers like that on a i5 750, but they performed very well on older hotter cpus. I did bolt[for real, it was bolted] a e6600 cooler(C2D) on it with decent temps.

    See, bolts :)

    Only other option would be to try to take off the heatsink clean it(and the cpu with rubbing alcohol. No need to even remove the cpu from the holder) all up and remount with new paste. You can try to make the fan blow to the back of the case as well if you wish.
  10. Ok man thanks alot for your help I appreciate it.

    I think I might buy the A50 cooler anyway as I like the idea of a backplate and having it more secure (mine has been a little loose lately since I installed new ram).

    Any idea if that would fit in a Coolermaster 330 case? I have spent the last 25 mins on google trying to find an answer but nothing.

    Thanks again
  11. All i see is that the V8 by coolermaster JUST fits(side intake removed).


    And it is just a few mm taller then the A50.

    You are looking at a it "should" fit, but damn will be close.
  12. Awesome thanks all.

    I applied new paste and moved the cpu fan 90 degree anti clockwise.


    CPU Gaming:
    50c max (98c was normal before)

    73c (around the same, 5-6c cooler)

    I am still waiting for the fan to come in the post to put in the front of the case as an intake so hopefully they'll be even cooler.
  13. No need for a new heatsink anymore :)
  14. rubbed said:
    Awesome thanks all.

    I applied new paste and moved the cpu fan 90 degree anti clockwise.


    CPU Gaming:
    50c max (98c was normal before)

    73c (around the same, 5-6c cooler)

    I am still waiting for the fan to come in the post to put in the front of the case as an intake so hopefully they'll be even cooler.

    What brand of thermal paste did you use?
    Congrats anyway..
  15. If you want lower idle temps, turn off fan speed control. Then the fan will spin fast at idle too and get cooler.

    In the end, you temps are not a problem at all. even 40+ idle will not cause any damage.
  16. I ordered Arctic Silver 5 but found out it won't be here until next week so I just bought some Asaka AK-455 paste today.

    I did notice the CPU cooler screws had become very loose so I am sure that was a big factor too.

    Now I would really love to get my idle temps below 30c! Hopefully I'll see a difference with a front intake and tieing the cables together.
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