Need help: OC Old Laptop CPU and GPU

Hello Guys,
I hope this is the right section, the thing I want to do is a little guerrilla :)

My old Laptop from 09 died, but the motherboard plus hardware still works fine, I now want to build a custom case for the board, to use it as a small portable backup PC.
I will of course not use the stock heatsink (which is one of the reasons I had to take the Laptop apart), so I should be able to overclock.

The hardware:
Intel Chipset AC82PM45 SLB97 North Bridge IC, BGA Chips
Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor T6600
Geforce 9600M GS
Can I even overclock this hardware, if yes will the effect be visible?

I don't know if should make a separate post in Heatsink, but I really don't know which heatsink's to use,
and how to apply them, if I can OC.
The chips are not on the same level, so I can't use one big heatsink to cover CPU and GPU, the CPU is about 3-5mm higher.

This was my stress test with small bridgesink's and a little active fan on the CPU, as you can see this would leave little space to OC and I fear that as soon as I use this in a case the temperature will rise:
I would attach the sink's using heat conductive glue, which is probably not the best solution for anything bigger.

If possible I would like to spend as little money on this as possible, I do have some nice ideas for the case and I will probably put an arduino in it for some fun things as well.

I would really appriciate some help, I never OC before and this is my first project like that.
This is also my first post, if I did any major mistakes please tell me and I will try to improve!
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  1. Are there options in the bios to overclock?
  2. Not that I know of, I don't have hardware access right now, but I am pretty sure I never saw that option.
    Will this make things more difficult, or impossible?
  3. More difficult? Possibly. Impossible? Maybe.

    You should try some software OC programs to see if you can actually change the clocks before you do anything.
  4. No Mainboard options.
    GPU over Nvidia tool clockable, Heaven Benchmark shows huge improvements.
    CPU not clockable.

    The question now is, what would be the best way to install proper heatsinks and fans, the box will be 40x25x? cm or 16x10x? inch. The CPU and GPU are to close together to use a big heatsink, I could place small fans on top of each sink, or what I would prefer use a 120mm fan on top of both, if I place the fan inside the box as close to the sinks as possible, I will have a total height of about 8cm or 3 inch, would it be best to suck air out of the box or to blow into it? Also how will I be able to connect the 12V fan to the 5V output?
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