Will Intel's 5th generation desktop cpu "Broadwell" i3 have four physical cores?

Will Broadwell i3 CPUs have four physical cores like the Haswell i5? And will we finally see an unlocked i3 cpu with broadwells launch?

Maybe its still too early to speculate but how far off until we see an i3 with four physical cores and an i5 with hyperthreading enabled? Also, is ab i7 with 6 physical cores but hyperthreading disabled a potential as well?

I would like to hear anyone's opinion on the subject matter. Speculation will be permitted as long as it's sensical.

BTW I just switched to Sanka, so have a heart
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  1. to early to tell but i doubt it they sell very well in current form
  2. I do not expect Broadwell to change things up that significantly. I expect the i3s to stay the same as a dual core with hyperthreading. The i3s are stronger than they ever have been and will continue to sell well.
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