Help!Nvidia settings are not availabe.You are not currently using a display attached to nVidia GPU.

So my problem is after i install drivers,when i restart my monitor is shuting down.I need to disable the driver and run the default one.So is the problem coming from my monitor or there is a fix and i don'y know it?My monitor is a old one .( iI think is a CRT but i'm not sure.It's fat as box...on the monitor says it HP71).

So here are my specs.
Nvidia 7300 GT
Intel Pentium 4CPU 3,40 GHz.
OS : Windows XP
Also in the System tab it says this :
A Physycal extension of
Please help.I can't play any video games because of this :(
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  1. reinstall old driver. you installed the wrong one possibly.
  2. No.I tried that a while ago.First i installed 307 WHQL driver and it was the same.Then i tried the 192 WHQL driver and it was also the same...Also i tried to put out and back in my video card .Then i tried to re-install windows a couple of times.It's still the same all after that... :( .
  3. maybe the card is dying. sounds plausible. It is rather old at this point
  4. Can i somehow tell that?I'm running my computer without video drivers.Can that affect somehow the video card ?
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