Best Sub-£30 case

I am thinking of buying a case for my computer. My video card is a 6870, my MB is a Micro-ATX one and I am using a stock CPU cooler. I live in the UK. I would probably buy a couple of my own fans in addition to the stock ones.

Which one of these is best?

Or other?

P.S I am on a strict budget
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  1. Yoyoman2000 said:
    Those are better than the ones I listed?

    How many fans would i need for each of those cases?

    Are these fans ok?

    The best of the lot is the NZXT Source 210 Elite which ships with two fans(120/140mm exhaust) and USB3.0.
    Just add the fan you chose as an front intake.
  2. Cheers Mate!
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