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I have managed to get hold of a laptop at a good price with the Intel® Core™2 Solo Processor ULV SU3500. I have tried to find upgrade guides as I would like to upgrade the processor because lets me honest, its shoddy, and I cant find hardly any pictures of the processor inside the socket, and I would rather not tear it all down until I know the options.

I have read conflicting articles about the socket type that the processor is mounted in...

It is up gradable?

thanks for your help its much appreciated!!

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  1. What motherboard is that CPU stuck in?

    Intel Core 2 Solo SU3500 specs @ CPUWorld
  2. I have no idea Im afraid until its open...

    the laptop is a Packard Bell EasyNote Butterfly S-EC-010...
  3. Use CPU-z;
    The Mainboard tab will let you know the motherboards actual maker and model number. And the installed BIOS version.

  4. Ok great, I have used that software in the past but did not notice that tab for the motherboard, should it matter which motherboard I'm using? Surely the Processor will only be designed to be soldered or put in a socket...?
  5. It matters very much.
  6. Same for the BIOS version.
    It's possible a replacement CPU will need an upgraded BIOS. In which case you want to do the upgrade BEFORE you put in the new CPU.
  7. Ok, but do we know if the Processor is soldered or in a socket? thanks
  8. Should be typical BGA socket.
  9. I have installed CPU Z and the Package type is Socket P 478....

    The Motherboard Chip set is an Intel GS45....

    What processors will be supported with this chipset?

  10. Socket 478 (PGA478)? I would have expected the socket type to match the info in the link above BGA956. Something isn't tracking right. What CPU did CPU-z say was installed?

    No info on MB manufacturer and model number? Or installed BIOS version?
    Supported CPUs should be among the one listed in my first link, plus what the is on the motherboard's CPU support list from the MFGR.
  11. Well this is why I am confused as you can see..

    Specification: Intel(R) Core (TM)2 Solo CPU U3500 @ 1.4Ghz.

    Manufacturer: Packard Bell
    Model EN Butterfly S

    Southbridge Intel 82801IM (ICH9-M)

    Maybe there are two versions? A ball type and Socket type for this processor, I am reading much conflicting information. I may just have to open it and find out for myself....
  12. It certainly does look confusing. Hopefully the motherboard make/model will help straighten things out.

    To types of socket: BGA = ball grid array vs PGA = pin grid array
  13. yeah I knew that....Will have to find out if they have the same processor in both interfaces...

    anything else you can think of? thanks for your help by the way
  14. From Intel's own website:
    Intel® Core™2 Solo Processor ULV SU3500 (3M Cache, 1.40 GHz, 800 MHz FSB)
    Agrees with CPU-World: Sockets Supported = BGA956

    Im starting to think CPU'z database is wrong or it's getting a wrong code from that Packard Bell which matches another PGA478 part.

    Google was no help on the motherboard make/model.
  15. It looks like the best information on compatible CPUs is that first link I posted from CPU-World where it lists 'CPUs, related to Intel Core 2 Solo SU3500'
    My concern is the cooling system designed for the 5.5 Watt Thermal Design Power (TDP) of the SU3500 wouldn't be enough to keep a 17 Watt TDP Core 2 Duo SL9600 CPU cool.
    That's a 300% increase in cooling requirement. Even the 10 Watt TDP Core 2 Duo SU9600 is a 200% increase.

    Without clear guidance from the MFRG on what CPUs are compatible - your best option is to see if you can find evidence of what other owners of PB EasyNote Butterfly s have successfully done for CPU upgrades.

    Otherwise, you're going to be out there in 'experimental' territory.
  16. Thank you for finding that review, I spent a while trying to find something like that and couldnt, just another crappy review (summary)

    cooling I can arrange somehow, that isnt much of an issue. So do you think the processor will be sitting in a P socket or BGA?

    there is hardly any information on this procedure for this laptop, I have looked hard, but if you could help me find something please do!
  17. "Penryn-L" (45 nm)
    All models support: MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4.1, Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology (EIST), Intel 64, XD bit (an NX bit implementation), iAMT2 (Intel Active Management), Intel VT-x, TXT, IDA (Intel Dynamic Acceleration)
    Socket P processors are capable of throttling the front-side bus (FSB) anywhere between 400–800 MT/s as necessary.
    Die size: 82 mm2
    228 million transistors
    Package size: 22 mm × 22 mm
    Steppings: M0, R0
    number sSpec
    number Frequency L2
    cache FSB Mult. Voltage TDP Socket Release date Part
    number(s) Release
    price (USD)
    Small Form Factor, ultra-low voltage
    Core 2 Solo SU3300
    SLGAR (M0)
    SLGAJ (R0)
    1.2 GHz 3 MB 800 MT/s 6× 1.05–1.15 V
    5.5 W
    µFC-BGA 956 May 2008
    Core 2 Solo SU3500
    SLGFM (R0)
    1.4 GHz 3 MB 800 MT/s 7× 1.05–1.15 V
    5.5 W
    µFC-BGA 956 Q2 2009
  18. Im pretty confident it's BGA socket. And the BGA sockets are much easier to do CPU swaps. No fussy pins to worry about getting bent while inserting the CPU.

    There is also the issue of CPU voltage ranges. You know the MB can handle the 1.05V–1.15V of the SU3500. But can it also handle the 0.9V - 1.175V of the SL9600?

    You can see why I prefer to check a MB CPU support list from the MFGR or find someone who has already made a successful CPU upgrade.
  19. Packard Bell EasyNote Butterfly xs Series Service Guide
    This isn't your model - it's the xs 11.6" model.
    Hopefully, you can find the service guide for your model as well.
  20. Isnt BGA socket solder only? and is fused to the motherboard? so you will need to heat the processor..?
  21. No soldering required.
  22. Okay, so what is the process, do you please have a picture of a BGA socket? I cant seem to find one!!!! :fou:
  23. BGA 775 socket MB here - it's the purple socket.
  24. this is incorrect? that is a P 478......Southbridge chip below is BGA....... BALL GRID ARRAY...NO PINS?
  25. Was supposed to be a photo of a Toshiba Qosmio F50 F501 F55 Intel PM45 laptop socket BGA 775 motherboard.
    Looks like the full sized photo is a 'generic motherboard' picture.
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