Budget IPS monitor with low response time and input lag

I will probably be doing my build in the summer and I am looking at monitors to go with it. As it is a budget gaming build, 144hz doesn't really make sense, plus there's the idea that you can hardly tell the difference. I am looking for an IPS panel monitor, ideally 23" and above, with a 5ms response time and a 10ms input lag. I am not too into FPS games, but I would like there to be no obvious ghosting etc if I am playing them. This is why I think I would prefer IPS over TN, although I have never played on an IPS panel. Are they really much superior quality when comparing to TN?

The Asus VS239HV seems to fit into that category with a 5ms response time and 10ms input lag, and I can get it for £113. http://www.displaylag.com/display-database/ - you can see input lag here.

I basically want the cheapest one which has those features, and I think this is the best one due to ASUS being a reliable monitor manufacturer, plus this has a 3 year warranty.

But I would like to hear your ideas and thoughts
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  1. ShadowR34per said:

    Sorry for the late reply, but I would prefer brands like ASUS because of their reliability. Also it has been tested and has just a 10ms input lag, on par with the budget TN monitors.
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