Can my LED flat TV run full HD 1080p at 60+fps?

HI everyone! I have a Bravia Sony flat screen TV model "KLV-24X430".

I want to use it as my monitor instead, and I want to know if I can play game at full HD at 60fps on this TV.

Here's my build:
Core i7 4790k 4.0GHz
16Gb Memory
GTX 980 4Gb

And here's a link to this TV's spec:

I am green at this kind of things so, please, help me.
Thank you very much.

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  1. Yes you can. HDMI would do the trick. Doesn't hurt to try anyways :)
  2. Best answer
    Yes it will work, but Tv's tend to have higher latency and response times. Some also introduce lag because of post processing affects. (This can be turned off most the time)
    So if you are into like fast paced fps, you might notice all this. If you want to play skyrim, etc then you probably won't care.
  3. why not ?? hook it up and run it -- it will do as you like or it will not some TV's do a better job for pc use then others
    so fire it up and see what you think

    my hdtvs show no noticeable lag but like I said some do way better and some stink
  4. Only way to know is give it a try, if you like it good, if not back to where your at now :)
  5. yes it should work I have a vizio E sires tv and rinning games on a r9 270X , like PapaWood said try it with the HDMI
    +1 on the name wood
  6. ya , I use a dvi [card] to hdmi [hdtv] cable and that works out for my 3 hdtv's I use as pc monitors with out issues

    good luck
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