AverMedia Live Gamer HD no VGA then Blue Screen

I just got the AverMedia Live gamer HD and just plugged it right into the PCI slot and when turned my PC on I was getting my mobo's 5 beep error and d6 display meaning no VGA card.

After I unplugged it and tried again still didn't work then I tried unplugging the VGA card and plugging it back in then without the AverMedia my system booted and blue screened now I'm doing a system restore!

Was I supposed to install software/drivers first? Oops! Help appreciated on how to properly install this thing, thank you

This is my Build:
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  1. my system was set to boot of my old hard drive after plugging in my avermedia too for some reason... I never actually un-installed windows from my original hard drive when I made an SSD my boot drive, I'm trying to install drivers now and we'll see how that goes
  2. Well as soon as I plug in the AverMedia it does a 5 post beep and I don't get any video, help is much appreciated!!!!
  3. I e-mailed their customer support, they e-mailed me back a driver I installed that got it working!
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