1440p 144hz vs 4k 60hz and IPS vs TN Questions


I will soon be building my new gaming PC, I have read through loads of forum posts about the different types of displays and whether to stick with 1440p or go to 4K.

The monitors that have caught my eyes are:

The system I would be running it on could cope with the 4k @ 60hz or the 1440p @ 144hz route...

My main questions are, is 1440p @ 144hz better than 4k @ 60hz?

Also is 1440p essentially 2k?

My main games are CSGO, GTA V and Arma 3 with a mix of other games
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  1. What hardware exactly are you getting?
    Personally I am upgrading my hardware soon and I am going to 4K @60 rather than 1440 @ 144

    But some people do prefer the insanely high refresh rate
  2. Finding a GPU or pair of GPU's that run 4k res (I'm talking 3840 x 2160) @60fps is pretty much impossible right now without shelling out a couple of grand. Gaming at 1440p 144hz will be the smoothest gaming experience you'll get in a long time.
  3. My friend is adamant that the human eye cant see over 60fps, and few studies have proved this, but 90% of what I have read is t hat people can notice the difference...

    I just really cant make my mind up! What 4k monitor would you be looking at?

    I'm the guy getting the x99 platform that you commented on just before.
  4. As long they are of good quality, the Acer Predator XB270HU seems to be the best of everything. The Asus ROG Swift was the must have, but a IPS that performs like a changer.
  5. 1440p @ 144hz is much more feasible

    and i went from 120hz to 60hz and in games its so noticable the amount of motion blur at 60hz

    alternatively theres also gsync/freesync to consider as well
  6. @JimmoR3M
    I was going to be spending around 3k on a new system, when I was looking at benchmarks for 980gtx sli, it seemed to cope well with 4k @ 60hz

    Yeah I have only been looking at G-SYNC
  7. Clarky466 said:
    I was going to be spending around 3k on a new system, when I was looking at benchmarks for 980gtx sli, it seemed to cope well with 4k @ 60hz

    Yeah I have only been looking at G-SYNC

    i havent tried a g-sync monitor--but it may be that with g-sync 60hz isnt so bad

    but regardless of what your friend says the first time after i went from a 120hz to 60hz monitor and ran far cry 4 the difference was clearly noticeable especially if i panned around fast
  8. So the choice....... a 4K IPS 60hz Gync monitor vs 1440p IPS 144hz Gsync monitor? I guess waiting for anything better would cost a bomb?

    the 4k IPS from Asus hasnt been released yet, I'm guessing its going to be around £800, if its closer to £1000 I'd probs go for the 4K TN 60hz Gsync monitor as a choice...
  9. IPS always looks better than a TN panel. (I even say that from the perspective of having a good IPS panel but not fast like my TN panel) Also it is really tough to power a monitor above 1440p. The 2x980 would push over 100fps on the Acer Predator. But once you put that on 4K..ha. good luck.
  10. Yeah thats my dilemma, I could run 4k @ 60hz no problem, but couldn't go any higher or I could run 1440p @ 144hz with no problems... I just cant decide which route to take? Which would offer the best performance for the money?
  11. I've seen 4k in person and it looks so nice!

    I haven't seen 1440p before... I'm guessing it will look pretty good! Anything will be an upgrade over what I have now but I always like doing the best with my money rather than later regretting it... I am leaning more towards 1440p because I bet when newer games come out at 4k I might start struggling at 60hz, but that might not be the case for at least another couple years... Not sure when 4k will properly catch on.

    1440p has no ifs or buts but 4k not 100% sure on, so choice is leaning more towards 1440p, but literally cant decide :(
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    I feel like 1440p has become really great. Especially with new technology like G-Sync. Personally, if I were in your situation I'd go 1440p for now. Then reevaluate what I have in 2 years. That's my choice. Hope others comment.
  13. After doing lots of research and advice from people on the forums I'm going to go with 1440p!

    All of the benchmarks I have looked at for 4k, I would be required to spend so much money on graphics cards just to get good results... I may review this again in a year or two like Envy14tpe said though.
  14. XB270HU looks great

    though that £700 price tag is painful
  15. mcnumpty23 said:
    XB270HU looks great

    though that £700 price tag is painful

    Yikes. Totally agree. I'd rather it be around £500. Well, at least you can find it. It won't be on sale here for another 2 months or so.
  16. If I were in the market for a new GPU though, I would probably wait for 980ti, as that has a better VRAM and thus a bigger room before hitting that dreaded VRAM cap. 980s and/or 970s is adequate for now, but I personally feel it'll go a long way to wait for a more powerful card with more VRAM.

    While I have absolutely no concrete source, 980ti is slated to be $600 to $650, and this price, if 980ti is in anyway close in performance to Titan X, would make 980ti better bang for the buck than 980 currently is. I'd personally pay up to $750 for such a card.

    I personally agree with predator. I personally own swift and it's great, but Predator should be better in almost every regard, if not in literally every regard.
  17. Hello Chenw

    Thanks for your response!

    I'm very impatient so have now bought my new system with 980s, I did look into when 980tis would be released and people were talking about next year or even longer! I can barley wait a couple of days :(

    I went for the predator, I've only just finished setting up my PC so gonna test some games tonight after work to see how good they look!
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