is eye strain caused by flickering

I get a lot of eyestrain while I'm playing games on PC or xbox one. I heard somewhere that flickering is the main problem for this. is this true or is it ghosting that causes eyestrain or is it both.
does a better monitor reduce or eliminate this or is it an issue of the game being rendered in such a way that it causes flickering.

I'm using a ben q gl 2450
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    Many things can cause eyestrain. Not having a proper prescription is one cause.

    I'm not sure what "flickering" you are referring to though.

    Do you get eyestrain watching a movie for the same duration on the SAME monitor?

    For the XBOX ONE is there any difference in strain between a game that runs at 30FPS versus 60FPS?
    (You can Google to see what frame rate each game runs at).

    On PC if you have VSYNC OFF you can get screen tearing that produces a type of flickering so you can try with VSYNC ON instead. As per the link there's brightness, contrast (affected by light in room as well. too bright monitor in dark room can cause issues) etc.


    For computer monitors there are a few other things worth noting:
    1) Lightboost:

    Asynchronous monitors.

    Again though, there's a lot of different things, or combination of things that can cause eye strain.
  2. i can mainly feel the strain the game is scrolling, for example if the you are looking around in first person view or when the screen scrolls horizontally along the pitch when a player hits the ball in fifa
  3. LCDs cant flicker unless its damaged or failing. Eye strain can be annoying--but it cannot damage your eyes. To get rid of this you have to lower the brightness and get rid of the blue by using warmer colors. What youre describing could also be motion sickness, try to sit furter away from your monitor.
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