Can't boot: no 'beep', no display, just 0033 code

Hi everyone,

The system is as follows:

MBO: ASRock 890gx Extreme 3
CPU: AMD Phenom II x6 1055T
COOLER: CM Hyper 212 Evo
VGA: Sapphire Radeon R9 270X
RAM: 8 GB DDR3 1333 Corsair
SDD: Samsung 840 Basic, 120 GB
HDD: Samsung HD103SJ 1 TB
PSU: LC Power GP3 560W

Yesterday, all of the sudden I turned on the PC and nothing happened. The fans and all the components spin up, there is no "beep" from the MBO, the screen is black and there is only "0033" written in the right bottom corner. No post screen, no "asrock turbo core" screen...nothing. and the dr. debug display on the MBO reads "38".
I turned off the system, plugged the cord out, removed the battery from the MBO and left it during the night. In the morning I plugged everything back in, pushed the power button and the system booted up normally. But the mouse wasn't working, nor was the wi-fi card. I restared the system and the problem was back on. No beep, no display, just "0033" code.

I removed the power cord again and left it standing that way the whole day. When I got home later I cleaned the whole system with the vacuum cleaner, removed the RAM's, removed the battery and then put everything back in. Pushed the button and, miracolously, it booted normally again. The mouse is dead again, but everything else seems to work normally except for the date&time which was reseted.

It turned out that the mouse is dead actually, I plugged the other one in (R.A.T. 7) and it's working normally. First, I thought that the MBO is the problem, but now I am not sure anymore. Maybe it's the PSU?
The memory should be fine 'cause I tried my friends sticks and the problem was the same.

No I am scared to restart the system, 'cause it could "die" again.

Any solutions/opinions?

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  1. Update:

    While the system is working the LED display on the MBO reads "AA". In the MBO manual AA code is described as:

    "Uninstall POST INT1Ch vector and INT09h vector. Deinitializes the ADM module"

    what is that supposed to mean?
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