4k TV @ 60 FPS / Low input lag

I will soon have 2 x 980 TI's and im looking into 4k TV's

Thank you.
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  1. hdmi2.0, display port 1.3
  2. Hi i7Baby,

    Thanks for the info on the connections.

    Any suggestions for the TV? to be frank i'm torn between a 28" 4k G-sync monitor and a ~50" 4k TV - but i need one which allows 60FPS with ~5ms.

    Any help appreciated!
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    There's no TVs with 5ms gtg response yet. But I think they're staring to get close ~15ms or so.

    4K won't get fast fps yet anyway. There's no GPUs that can run it fast.

    Personally, I'd prefer the monitor. I think it would be more 'purpose made'.


  4. i'm waiting on my EVGA 980 Ti then i'm ordering a 2nd 980 ti and a 4k display in the next week. It's a huge shame that there is only 1 4k G-Sync monitor available hence why i was considering a TV! but 15 ms is still a tad high. thanks for the info.
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