Swapping a Intel Pentium M 750 processor with a Pentium 4® 3.0GHz proc

I bought a hp nc6120 after my zx5000's hard drive crashed, and I am now finding out, the processor in the new one (Intel Pentium M 750 processor) just doesnt have the processing power that I need, so I am woundering if I can swap out the Intel Pentium M 750 processor with the Pentium 4® 3.0GHz processor that was in my zx5000? Ill provide more details about my system as needed.
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  1. I think it will be easier to swap HDD. I doubt there is a big difference in performance http://www.notebookcheck.net/Mobile-Processors-Benchmarklist.2436.0.html
  2. Ive thought about that but the nc6120 has better graphics (128mb vs 64mb) then the zx5000
  3. Neither has good graphics and performance is similar regardless of memory size!
  4. alright, i know the graphics on both of them suck but im just trying to make the best with what I have so that my brother can play CS:S every now and then on low settings, I haven't looked at the hdd to the nc6120, would you know if it would be as easy as taking it out of the nc6120 and placing it in the zx5000?
  5. I do not know if they are both IDE or SATA so I can not tell but you should be able to look both up on notebookcheck (my link from before)
  6. Hi

    Question does a Pentium M 750 and a Pentium 4 3GHz fit in same socket ?
    Even if it did would the cooling system support the Pentium 4 heat output ?

    M indicates Mobile / Laptop CPU which usually have different sockets to Desktop CPU's

    Googling zx5000 indicates it used desktop Pentium 4 CPU


    Mike Barnes
  7. While a mobile Pentium 4 (socket 478) can fit in a Pentium M socket (socket 479), the Pentium 4 is not electrically compatible with that socket. Regardless if the Pentium 4 is a mobile or desktop version, socket 479 will not provide enough wattage to power the P4 CPU. Addtionally, the laptop's BIOS would also have to be able to recognize the Pentium 4 CPU.

    Although the Pentium M 750 is only 1.86GHz, it is actually more efficient at processing instructions than a Pentium 4. There are many reasons for this (which I can't remember), but one of the main reason was the shorter pipelines. The Pentium M 750 would be roughly equivalent to a 2.2GHz Pentium 4.
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