AMD A8 worth extra £10 over A6?

Is the AMD A8-3850 Llano APU worth buying, instead of the A6? Is it better enough for the extra cost to be worth it, or will an A6-3650 be fine for gaming and lots of multitasking, for someone who isn't concerned about having amazing graphics, just an absence of lag? Also, do the AMD APUs come with a decent cooling fan, or will I need to buy one?

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  1. IMHO its not worth the extra bucks if your memory is not a ddr3-1866
    the A8 llano powerful gpu parts will be bottlenecked by your system ram until ddr4 becomes standard
    however in gaming, the 300mhz difference in clock speed and the number of radeon cores will be quite noticable

    if you're not oc'ing, then the boxed hsf will be enough
  2. For £10 the extra clock speed and better GPU are definitely worth it
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