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Having Internet Connection Issues After Upgrading To Windows10

Hello, I have been experiencing some connection problems since I have upgraded to Windows10 on my HP 15 Notebook PC, the wifi connection strength is unstable and I keep getting disconnections while playing and browsing.
In addition I note that I have never got that sort of connection problems before I got Windows10 also my sister which has the same notebook is facing the same problem since she got Windows10 while my brother which didnt upgrade to windows10 doesnt have this problem.
Does anyone else have this issue? or does anyone knows how to fix that?
If you need any further information to determine the issue tell me :)
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    Use your brother's PC to download the latest wifi drivers for your systems from their manufacturer's website.
  2. I fought my HP Pavilion for 2 days with the wifi and ethernet connections not staying active for more than 2 minutes. I was at my wits end until I remembered I had updated to BitDefender's new 2016 Beta version. It was the stinking firewall blocking all the traffic on the wifi and ethernet adapters. I had to turn off the stealth mode on the interface and then all worked well.
  3. Ohh this worked though I updated my driver from HP support assistant .. thank you James. :D
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