Dual Monitor Set-Up Not Working (HDMI works but not DVI)

I have been using one monitor on my PC for the last 3 weeks or so and decided to get another monitor. Both are ASUS monitors and I am using a GTX 970 Gigabyte.

This is what I have tried so far

1. Check updates for drivers and also uninstall and reinstall them
2. Unplugging the HDMI and keeping just the DVI in shows the ASUS booting screen then goes black, monitor displays blue (on) light and then turns orange (no signal) right after the ASUS loading screen
3. HDMI on its own and with the DVI causes HDMI to get priority and run fine.
4. Cable is fine
5. I don't know what else to do...help pls

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  1. Bump! Please someone help
  2. I'm running into a similar problem. Replaced my old, aging rig with a new one but kept the old monitors till I have the funds to replace them. Both monitors are DVI and worked fine on the old rig. Now, both will power up and display during POST and then when the Windows logon screen appears one of the monitors goes into standby. And it's always the same monitor regardless of which DVI port I have it plugged into. Graphics card is a R7 360, Windows 10 Enterprise. Frustrating 'cause the monitor that works is not my main display. My neck hurts :(
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