Followed thread page doesn't always work


I have a bookmark for

That should show me the list of threads I've taken part in. This always used to work fine.

Recently however, if I have not visited the site for roughly 30 minutes - 1 hour, it instead redirects me here

I can then click the original bookmark again to see my followed threads.

Does anyone know why this happens/can it be fixed?
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  1. I think this is because you're being hit by the same session issue I and some of the other moderators are having. At some point in time you appear to have been logged out, but after a refresh (or when loading another page) you'll see that you are actually still logged in. Since the followed threads page can't be accessed when logged out you get redirected to the all threads page, but when you load the bookmark again your session is "restored," so it works.
  2. That probably is it randomizer. Is there any word on if/when it will get fixed?
  3. Not yet, it's only just been reported today.
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