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Windows 10 will not load to login screen!

Hello. I upgraded to Win 10 on Friday, and since, despite several resetting PC attempts, Win 10 will not load to the login screen. Instead, it is stuck on a loop flashing between the lock screen and a gray loading screen quickly back to the lock screen -- instead of loading to the login screen. This only happens when I attempt to restart or update my PC. If I go to the lock screen because I locked my PC or it fell asleep, I can unlock it. I have also attempted to reset my PC to the previous build, to no avail. I am running out of ideas! I have no restore points. Please help!
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    Hello pinkglitter_xoxo

    Are you able to Boot Windows 10 in Safe Mode? If so, you can try Rolling Back to the Previous Operating System from there and can start over.

    If the above method fails, you can Prepare a Bootable Disc or USB drive for Windows 10, boot the computer with the disc or USB, go to Repair your computer from the second screen that comes up after selecting the language, and can attempt to rollback to your previous OS from there.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Hello viveknayyar007. I am resetting my PC again so I can create a bootable USB, to see if that works. No, I have not been able to access safe mode. Also, though I only installed Windows 10 3 days ago, I do not have the option to rollback to Windows 8.1, which is crazy! Thanks.

    UPDATE: It appears, with three successful restarts, that the bootable installation from USB has worked. Thank you so freaking much!!
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