Asus VG248 QE Monitor WON'T DISPLAY with Avermedia Live Gamer HD Capture Card

Hi all, I've been trying to find a solution for two weeks with no answer anywhere. Long story short, I bought a new high end PC back in April with the Avermedia Capture card installed. Geforce 970 card. Also got the Asus monitor listed above. Everything worked fine up until two weeks ago. I was attempting to setup a stream on Twitch so I incorporated a Kinivo HDMI switch to hook up a PS4/Xbox to my monitor as well.
Long story short, now anytime I try to plug anything through my capture card it won't find an HDMI connection (which I need for audio output to the stream. The VGA/HDMI adapter through the capture card works fine though?) When I plug my monitor back in through my graphics card it finds the connection just fine. Even when I take the Kinivo HDMI switch out of the equation and just go from monitor to capture card to graphics card, same thing.
My monitor says no HDMI connection. I've tried everything, uninstalling drivers, full re-install of Windows, I even went as far as buying a new Avermedia capture card thinking that was the issue, but same problem. No HDMI connection found when going through just the capture card or the Kinivo switch.
I check that my monitor is at 60hz as well.
The only temp solution that has worked a few times is after I plug in all HDMI connections, if I take the power out of the monitor and plug it back in, that has worked a few times (which again, makes no sense as to why a.) I would have to do that every time, or b.) it only works sporadically?)
Any help would be huge guys, been driving myself crazy trying to get my stream up and running for over two weeks now with no success. I pray this is something stupid where the answer is right in front of me.
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  1. Anyone even have the slightest clue why its doing this or what a solution would be? I've found to be able to pull the plug from the back of the monitor and back in will THEN display through the capture card, but it only works sometimes which is weird. Also, that would be a pain in the butt to have to do that every time I boot up my PC. Any help would be IMMENSELY helpful
  2. I actually spoke with Summit1g from Twitch who said he had the same problem and got an HDMI splitter that resolved the issue. Anyone know why this would work because as far as I was aware, the splitter just splits the same screen on multiple Monitors/TVs, which isn't what I really need? I'm looking to hook up all consoles and PC to capture card for Twitch streaming? Why would my monitor not work with this?
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