How do I get My live Wallpapers to work On Windows 10?

I do not want to use VLC to stream it on the desktop as you cannot see your icons that way.
I also do not want to use DreamScene..
I simply want to use the EXE file I have Titled
It is a lovely log cabin by a pond with deer walking around and a squirrel running around with a few ducks in the pond and leaves falling out of the tree.

I will use Dreamscene only if there is no way to get this to work and only if it can run it with icons and not shut off from fps problems or something...
My specs are the default for an DX4870-UB318 computer
My video card is a Nvidia GeForce GT 430
I do not use Virus programs except Windows defender and firewall which I made sure does not block it I have tried running it as administrator and in compatibility mode for XP and the like..
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    By default, windows 10 does not seem to have any built-in tools available for custom Live Wallpapers, unless with the help of a third party application tool, such as your DreamScene application. You may use this application if you are familiar with the configurations.

    You may try to attempt this short tutorial on Youtube as well,
    Do this at your own risk only.
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