I5-750 @ stock everything, load >80°C!

Hello. I had my i5-750 replaced a while back, it was faulty and giving me constant crashes.

So with the new one, IntelBurnTest @ maximum goes up to 80° after half of the third test (after which I stopped it). Intuitively this feels way too high, but it didn't even stabilize which worries me even more. I can definitely tell this new CPU runs hotter than my previous, purely by the fan speed. The highest core is idling at 44°C right now, ambient isn't above 25.

Will re-edit with voltages after reboot. Will also try undervolting for better temps.

Could the cooler be badly seated? Any ideas on what I should do else than replacing the cooler? Could it be faulty i.e. RMA-able?
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  1. What cooler are you using? Did you make sure that it is seated properly and locked down in position?

    Did you use the cooler from the old CPU? If so did you clean the thermal paste that was on it and replace it with a new application?

    My i5 750 idles at about 22d, and I only have a cheap coolermaster aftermarket heatsink.
  2. not allowed to edit posts. 1.232V core voltage when starting intelburntest according to CPU-Z, then going down to 1.2V after a bit. Which doesn't seem too high with no undervolting.

    I'm using the new (stock intel) cooler, it was pre-mounted by the company I bought my computer from (something about warranty I reckon)
  3. Well the stock CPU cooler will run a bit hot, but as long as your not doing any overclocking it should be fine and stay in relatively decent temperatures.

    What I can suggest is opening up your computer and just checking to make sure the stock intel heatsink is in fact positioned properly and securely. I'm asumming they just used the stock thermal paste that comes applied to the stock heatsink. It might be worth the money to either:
    - Buy some aftermarket thermal paste (such as arctic cooling MX-4) and take off the heatsink, clean both surfaces properly, and re-apply it.

    - OR, buy an aftermarket heatsink to bring your temperatures down. I have another i5 750 build that I have the stock heatsink on, and my aftermarket heatsink generally has 10D lower temps in idle, and as much as 30d lower on load.

    If you do decide to invest in an aftermarket heatsink, let me know and I can try and recommend one for you.
  4. I have invested in a Noctua NH-D14 and a new case, one of the silverstone 90 degree turned ones. But I'm just wondering how high these temps are for stock, intuitively I feel they're pretty high, but who knows.

    EDIT: For clarification, the heatsink and case aren't here yet, these temps aren't w/ d14 (in which case it would be insane)
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