Cannot Install MSI Files: Installation Already Running

Hey guys,

So I've recently discovered that I cannot install any MSI files on my Windows 10 system. I originally had this issue with Razer Synapse 2.0 which threw an Error 1500: There is another Installation in progress. I kind of gave up and forgot about it a few weeks ago, until I came across another MSI file that I have to install for school. Its a secure downloader for a Dreamspark program. Same issue. Throws a "There's another installation currently in progress" error. So it seems like the Windows installer service is corrupted, but of course on windows 10 I cant change anything about it from the services panel. Tried a bunch of solutions that seemed to work on previous OS's, but haven't had any success.

Anyone have any other ideas? Short of reloading my OS?

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    You may try the following;

    1. Restart your PC and try again to install your application.

    2. >> Select Start > Run, type regedit and click OK to start the Registry Editor.
    >> Locate and delete the following subkey in the registry:


    >> Close all windows and restart the computer.
    >> Start the installation process again.

    You may try as well to refer to this Youtube guide;

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