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Hey Guys!

I spend the vast majority of my days reading text on monitors (Work) and over the last few months I've been experiencing eye strain. I'm working on adjusting my habits and making changes to my situation (Glasses, 20/20/20, breaks, etc..) and part of that means replacing old monitors that could very well be exacerbating the situation.

I've heard that IPS with DC dimming is the best way to go to minimize eye strain?

I'm hoping some of you guys will know more about the market and what's out there than I could find searching on my own. Ideally I'm looking for 23-24 inch monitors with a MINIMUM of 60hz refresh. I'd love to have better, but 60 is the lowest I would consider. I'd prefer to shoot for the more frugal end of the spectrum, but I understand sometimes you just need to spend money to get the features you want/need.

Thanks for your time!


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  1. Well, since you're trying to keep cost down...

    A major cause of eyestrain is the monitor being set too bright for the ambient lighting. Display something white on the monitor (like a blank Word page). Hold a sheet of white paper up next to the monitor (horizontally, like it was sitting on your desk). Decrease the monitor's brightness until it's almost as dim as the paper.

    Try working like that for a while. It'll probably seem too dim at first, but it's the same brightness as paper. So if you can read paper under that lighting, you can read your monitor. If it really is too dim, you'll be having problems reading paper as well and should increase the room's lighting.

    I used to get eyestrain a lot (working 8 hrs/day in front of a computer, then spending several more hours on my home computer). But I haven't suffered it in over 10 years since I simply decreased the screen brightness.
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