CPUID CPU-Z error message, help please!

I am using windows 10, and cpuid cpu-z was working perfectly for me. I even uninstalled the program and opened it back up afterwards but it gave me the same message.

I open it up and it gives me an error message.

Then I display the error log file and I get a text document in which I have listed below, and cut out the name of the user account for the sake of the picture. It also gives me the message "Mutex not created." When I click OK, CPU-Z opens up but displays no information.

I think part of the reason there may be an error is because I switched the admin account and turned it into a user account, and changed my user account to the admin. I did this because I had just created that new user account and decided I shouldn't use the admin account on a daily basis and I knew that I wouldn't use that new user account because it would just take too long to set up, so I just changed that user account to the admin. (If that makes any sense).

Anyways, please help me with the error, thanks!
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    Have you tried running only CPU-Z as an administrator? (Right click and select "Run as administrator)
  2. THANK YOU, I fixed the issue, just run as administrator, now I know.
  3. You can try running it as admin (right click on the icon to get this option) to see if you get a different result. Otherwise, uninstall and reinstall to see if that helps.

    Always easier to start down that road rather than tackling error codes and driver bugs first.
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