Best PSU for 9800GX2 Budget £65 GBP

Best PSU for 9800GX2 Budget £65 GBP

Hi peoples I am looking for a new PSU as I am also buying a 9800 GX2
I am not sure what PSU to buy
My specs are

AMD X2 240 CPU


9800GTX+ 512MB

250 HDD



15 LCD MONITOR @ 1280 x 1024
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  1. rolli59 said:

    Thank you for taking the time for helping me.

    I have now upped my budget to 105.00GBP
    I came across this and would like your view if I should get it or not as your the only person who has helped me so far :D

    I understand that it ships from USA would I be better off getting one of the two you have recommended.

    Thanks again
  2. With your increased budget I would get either of these
    And if you want modular
  3. Thanks very much
  4. Would i be right by saying a modular is click release cables
  5. Yes they are cables that you have to attach to the PSU as well as the hardware so you can leave out the cables you do not need for a easier cable management.
  6. I double the choices that rolli59 offered. Corsair is one of the best when it comes to PSUs.
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