irql_not_less_or_equal BSoD on Windows 10 with DMP files

This problem started happening just Yesterday when i fresh installed windows 10. I can only use my PC for a short period of time before it blue screens. I have deleted the Drivers that are download using Windows update and cleaned up all the left overs then gone to AMD and downloaded them straight from the website same problem.

Dump file 1:

Memory dmp file:
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  1. Those two links aren't functioning. The first link doesn't work while the second link works but eh wrong files get through. I'm currently looking at 16 mp3 tracks and 1 jpg file off this album

    after I downloaded your rar file and extracted them.

    Please fix your links so we can make progress on the BSOD.
  2. Thanks guys for the help I have not brought a new gfx card and Reinstalled Windows and its fixed
  3. Ah, great to hear of your resolution! Was that fixed via a clean install of Windows 10?
  4. Im not sure if it was the clean install of windows 10 that fixed it or the fact that i upgraded my psu and GPU as i done a fresh install straight after Fitting them. Sorry about the links i don't know what happened there but i deferentially uploaded the dump file
  5. Hmmm, baffling...anyways if you don't have any queries I'll close off this thread.
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