Looking for a cheap 144Hz or 120Hz display.

Looking for a cheap 144Hz or 120Hz display mainly for CS:GO, and other FPS games. My budget is about €230/250$. Keep in mind I'm in Ireland so online is my only option, preferably not an American website, due to shipping costs and what not.

Also are these legitimate deals? And are the monitors going to last me more than a year?
Thanks in advance!
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    The Asys VG248QE is the standard bearer but at 217 pounds thats about 305 euro

    The BenQ is in the same price range @ 288 euro

    If ya can manage, I'd try and get there as these monitors are the best available at 1080p
  2. Yea I was looking at the Asus, seems like the best option for the price, I really just need some opinions on this Korean monitor, as I have no clue.
    What are opinions on this? Also on sale on Amazon atm.
  3. I'm not a fan of Koren monitors... too wide a variation between samples.
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