15° temp diff between highest & lowest i7 980x cores

Just put together a 980x rig w/ the stock heatsink.
Using RealTempGT I see the 2 coolest cores are at about 8° and the hotest core is at 22°.
The thermal compound seemed to go on well and I tightened down the screws after a couple of weeks running (which BTW didn't make a difference).
Does this indicate a present or future problem?
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  1. It must be freezing at your place! 8° what are you using to cool it?
  2. I highly doubt any of your cores would be idling at 8 C, especially on a stock heatsink. Unless your ambient temps are 8 c or lower, i.e outside during winter time

    What temp monitoring program are you using?

    What are temp saying on load?
  3. No. What you are seeing is the temp of the one core that's actually doing something. If you run a stress test for a few minutes you will see that all temps rise and fall almost equally. Usually core 2 runs a little hotter than the rest but there will always be some differences in temps because the load is never exactly equal. Also, if you have the eco turned on some of the cores will be doing absolutely nothing to save energy and of course the temps will drop without any activity on the core(s).

    bearclaw99 - He tells you he's using RealTempGT
  4. Right, readings are with PC idling, doing nothing whatsoever, in a garage in the snowy Catskill Mtns! Room temp is about 59F.

    If I understand correctly the difference in temps under these conditions is nothing to be concerned about. Further, it would seem to make sense to somehow run a load test of some kind and watch the temps then.

    So then, 2 questions: 1- How to run a fake load on the CPUs and 2- see if there's still such a difference then.
  5. There are several different programs to load your processor. Prime95, OCCT, ORTHOS any of them work.
  6. At 100% CPU load for over 45 min highest core temp never hit 50°C, the coolest core was just about always 12°c - 15°c cooler than that. Ambient room temp is still about 60°F.

    So, would these numbers alarm you?

  7. Those are great numbers. Nothing to worry about at current temps. However, it won't hurt to keep an eye on it when the summer time comes. About how hot does it get in your garage during the summer? Air cpu coolers can only keep the temps down to a few degrees above room temps during light to normal usage, (some better than others). If you are playing some serious games or doing some heavy processor intensive operation(s) it will tend to be less efficient. I'm not saying it's bad, just to keep an eye on it when the room temp increases. If you're continuously hitting 80*C THEN you might want to invest in a better cooler. But until then---You're good.
  8. Great! Thanks much folks!

    I have RealTemp set to ALARM if that hottest core ever gets to 70. Although the machine was built in my 'lab' it will be delivered to a photog friend who will use it in her home almost exclusively for PhotoShop. I doubt it gets too hot there but the alarm is set to let us know if we need to do something... Like more fans or whatever.

    BTW "Center" adjustment screw??? Uh, no. Didn't see any such animal! I'll have to go look again.

    Thx again all.
  9. Has 24G RAM and a 128G SSD solely for PhotoShop's scratch disk. The C: drive is a 600G raptor. YAY! Not overclocked... Am concerned about reducing component life. A friend who does OC is coming over Sat to play with it though. We'll see.
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