Windows 10 BSOD Page Fault in Non Paged Area (Only while torrenting)

Hello I was wondering if anyone could help with an issue on my Windows PC as to why I keep getting BSOD only during Torrent downloads in Windows 10. It always happens during the downloading of Torrents not the start of the program. I have swapped several torrent clients and still am able to reproduce the same issue, a BSOD with "Page Fault in Non Paged Area." Downloading large files via web browser or Skype were tested with no issues, however the BSOD often pops up downloading any torrent on any client and the file can be any size.

My Windows 10 Copy is genuine and I had recently done a fresh install in an attempt to eradicate any potential problems with no avail. The fresh windows 10 install also was installed on a brand new hard disk drive so it could not have been a HDD issue, I only replaced it because Crystal Disk had caution on the old drive (it is fine on the new drive). My RAM also isn't an issue as I have ran MemTest86 for approximately 5-6 hours and everything checked out fine. Therefore I am having trouble pinpointing the issues causing this. Previously my PC was on a Windows 8.1 version and the issue did not arise until after I upgraded to Windows 10. Thus I think thinking it could potentially be a driver issue which is causing this BSOD but I cannot pinpoint what. I have read many issues online regarding this BSOD which is why I have done several tests myself before comming onto here. I have messed around with paging options as suggested in other posts but it did not appear to solve the problem. As for antivirus software, I am currently using Norton Internet Security 2015, for the sake of testing I have also disabled it before resuming torrent download and reproduced the same BSOD. Please help!

Here is a minidump:

Anyone who can help is appreciated! Thank you!

Extra Info: ( Via Belarc Advisor)
Windows 10 Professional (x64)
Hewlett-Packard HP ENVY 15 Notebook PC E1P05AV
Boot Mode: UEFI with successful Secure Boot
2.40 gigahertz Intel Core i7-4700MQ
Board: Hewlett-Packard 1963 KBC Version 93.52
8126 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory
HGST HTS721010A9E630 [Hard drive] (1000.20 GB) -- drive 0
Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600 + NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M
Norton AntiVirus Version Norton Security
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  1. Hello LawrenceGee

    This generally happens due to inappropriate pagefile (virtual memory) configuration.

    You can try Increasing the Pagefile Size.

    Additional Link

    Just in case; the minimum and maximum size of the pagefile in a computer can be 1.5 and 4 times of the physical memory (RAM) that the computer has respectively.

    For example, for 1 GB RAM in a computer, the minimum and maximum pagefile size can be 1.5GB and 4GB respectively.

    Hope this helps.

    Reply back if further assistance is needed.

    Cheers!! :)
  2. I'm having the same issue, going to temp disable Intel Rapid Storage, will report findings.

    Apparently, not possible to temporarily disable this shit. Will update response if I can figure it out.
  3. Hello, I have the same problem with Win 10. I have Lenovo G500. Have you already find the solution? Thank you. Jaromir

    The solution is on the thread. It fixed my problems, just updating some random driver. Good luck peeps, cheers :D
  5. I think i found the solution people, spread the word.
    Its the newer drivers for broadcom 802.1 chips, wireless chips that is.
    Check this out:
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