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I am sorry if this is in the wrong forum, i am trying to get this out before my break is up.
Alright, go easy on me as i am not a car person (as in i know about cars, just not that much lol). But the charging ports in my 01 Chevy Silverado aren't functioning as normal?
My problem is that whenever i try to charge my phone (lets use the phone in this example), it'll charge, but the the charging will stop, as if the adapter falls out or get loose (my current theory). i have tried tapping the adapter down but it'll still be on and off with functionality.
Do i have to replace these ports (don't know the proper name)? can i replace these ports? is it a faulty fuse? i'm planning on doing some upgrade with my truck (i.e. radio, speakers, etc.) and this problem is at the top of my list. so if anyone knows anything, i'll appreciate it
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  1. Could be a number of things, but I would guess either a faulty charging cable, or a worn out charging port. Auto shops will probably charge you a fortune as they usually do, plus they will have to take apart the dashboard and such most likely. Therefore, I suggest first trying a new charging cable, and then if there is still an issue you may want to replace or check out the charging port. Below is a video of a newer Chevy SIlverado having its charging port changed, so I can only assume it would be similar and most likely even easier on an older model make.

    Hope this helps!
  2. check the fuses first. The most common problem when cig lighter/charging port doesn't work is a burnt fuse.
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