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Just a quick question for you guys... What is the best Processor that is available at the moment for gaming for under 100 quid?
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  1. I was thinking of getting an AMD phenom 2 X3 As this seems to have good monetary value... or is it more advisable to go for a quad or even a duel core?

    I am totally confuzzled =( seriously any input would be really appreciated. Thanx
  2. Yes the AM3 Phenom II X3 740 BE is a good value.So is the AM3 Athlon II X3 450 and also the quad core AM2+ (only can use it in a AM2+ board) OEM Phenom II X4 940 BE.
  3. Thnkyou, wht is the preference on the mmount of cores? (sorry for the typing, looks like i need new keybord swell =P stupid key >.<)
  4. Well there are some applications that can utilize the extra core and some games as well are optimized for 4 core CPU's.For most software you won't notice much of a difference though with 3 cores.You would however notice a significant difference if you only had a 2 core CPU as compared to a 3 or 4 core one.
    Although AM3 motherboards use DDR3 memory and AM2+ motherboards use DDR2 memory the performance difference is not much (only a few percentage points advantage with using DDR3 (as long as your not using slow DDR2 memory)).Also AM2+ motherboards are very inexpensive right now.However the AM3 motherboard is also considered a dead platform with the upcoming AM3+ motherboards for the upcoming Bulldozer CPU next year which won't work on a AM3 motherboard (will use quad channel memory probably DDR3).So choosing a Phenom II X4 940 BE and a AM2+ motherboard with DDR2 memory is not a bad idea either for a budget build.
    Any of these choices are good for a budget build really.
  5. State your entire budget and all the parts you need, for instance if you're gaming it's much better to get a better video card and a cheaper CPU than the other way around.
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