Random BSODs during normal gameplay

Hi I'm running an Acer Aspire E5-573 Laptop with Intel Intergrated Graphics and a 4GB Nividia Geforce 940M with version 359..06 of the driver installed. I have 8GBs of RAM and for processors Intel (R) Core I5-5200 2.20 GHZ.

During game play typically when starting or switching from browsing the internet to games I seemingly random get a BSOD, these haven't been consistent and i can't reliably seem to replicate them. I had recently fixed another BSOD issue with a faulty driver and haven't been getting those particular ones at all Driver verifier keeps coming up clean as well. I've also scanned system files , ran memtest, and changed my antivirus which killed one BSOD problem, but now I'm just getting random ones at random times, sometimes it'll happen after 30 minutes, sometimes after 10 hours or so.

I don' think its a power supply issue or anything because I've run some decently spec heavy games for hours on end without a hiccup, and then when quitting and playing something pretty light it crashes.

I'm suspecting one or both of my Video Drivers may be faulty, as I've had Nviidia's drivers crash a few times (Once into a BSOD), and the BSODs don't happen any other time.

Here's the compilation of my crashes using Bluescreenview, it should be noted, I ran alot of games last week and didn't get a single BSOD. So I'm really wondering what's going on.
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    Thank you for including the report of you dump files for easy deciphering. Going through them I've noticed you have
    error codes:

    cross referencing it with this link on MSDN

    Its a driver issue and since we're talking of your system with Nvidia onboard, my best suggestion would be to go about a clean GPU driver installation. Follow this guide: "Clean" graphics driver install in Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 though we are assuming that you performed a proper installation of Windows 10 on your laptop to begin with.

    Have a go at this as well:
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