help my to choose my new monitor !

Hey guys ,
i'm planning to upgrade my monitor for christmas.
Which one should i choose?

LG 24MB35PM-B 200 euros
ASUS LED 23'' VX239H-W 210 euros
DELL P2214H 220 euros
BENQ 24" RL2455HM 180 euros

The main reason for the upgrade is gaming , i care more for image quality.

(currently using asus ml228h)

Thanks in advance.
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    Asus or BenQ, both work equally well. I have 3 Asus monitors, great performance with them so far, my old LG crapped out after 18 months. Dell is solid too, but tends to run pricy vrs the competition for equitable performance
  2. alright, i think i'll go with asus.. thank you very much!
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