Logitech Mouse click/dragging issues

about a year ago I bought the logitech anywhere mx mouse and i broke the receiver, i was getting issues from there with click and dragging, using software like photoshop and sony vegas it was hard to move things because it would stop mid-drag, and this was very annoying so I purchased a replacement receiver and unfortunately the problems persisted, I've uninstalled drivers, and removed the usb and switched it around and nothing really works. I've been trying to see if it may be a driver conflict, so while looking through device manager I saw that there was a lot of drivers in human interface devices. Now I don't know enough to figure what could be problematic if anything so it would be great if I could get some help, thank you.

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  1. From what I see, you have 2 conflicting display adapters (the Geforce doesn't play well with Win 10), 2 Unifying devices, and 2 USB Logitech devices (the download assistant isn't necessary).

    If you can explain these, that will be a starting point.

    Also find out what those 5 vendor defined devices are.

    It looks like you either have several systems hooked into one, or you have a lot of bloatware.

  2. Hi AvatorColin,

    I was having a similar issue just recently.

    I posted my solution on my blog post below. It seems like a workaround.


    The end result was to disengage the precision scroll. But I list all my attempted steps in the link.
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