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Hey guys, I'm looking to get a new monitor, preferably 22-inch minimum, I would like it to have IPS, 5ms or less, 60hz, and have a display port. I know this sounds like a lot to ask but all help is greatly appreciated.

Also, in the future I would like to have a dual monitor setup so a monitor that is almost frameless and that has an option for mounting(100m x 100mm).

Thanks again!!!

I'll probably be gaming most of the time too, maybe some basic video aditing, and browsing and watching Youtube.
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    Given your requirements, finding a monitor for under 200$ is a bit hard imo. (Still a beginner with helping people with computer shit, baha.) But I ran a custom search on PCPartPicker and got these results for your wants. [,240&T=1,5&W=2200,4200&X=0,25733&p=1&v=100100] (Most of them are above 200$, but not many were under 200 sorry.)

    Personally from that list, I would suggest:
    & \ (Skinny frame.)

    These two are pretty good brands with a larger screen.

    If you could, I would suggestion moving your budget up maybe a hundred dollars for some better options.
    (Hint, this bad boy!

    Hoped I helped baha. ^.^
  2. What you are looking for in a gaming monitor is native resolution, MS frame rate (less than 4 is good for gaming, 1 is best), hertz (minimum of 60 but 120 or 144 is best), size of monitor. For me this one hits the spot at 27in and is very affordable:

    Screen is very bright so you can see everything very well, at night you may want to lower it a bit for eye strain but so far loving it.
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