Windows 10 Restarts When Gaming Or During GPU Stress Test

It all started with Windows 10 when I was playing a game, after about five minutes my computer restarts. I ran a GPU stress test with furmark with a resolution of 1280x1024 and with anti-aliasing off, and the same thing happened my computer restarts after about five minutes. Everything else works fine with Windows 10, web surfing, youtube.

However when I boot into Windows 7 and run a GPU stress test with furmark everything works fine, I let run for over 12 minutes before closing it.

I've considered refreshing or reinstalling Windows 10, but I want another opinion


GPU: Evga GTX 960 4GB

PSU: Corsair CX600 600 watt

Motherboard: MSI 970A-G46


PS: I tried reinstalling the GPU drivers, it didn't work

PPS: I just changed the PSU so I'm pretty sure it's not that

PPPS: This started happening today
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  1. Okay it turns out it wasn't just Windows 10 my computer restarted while booted in Windows 7 too. Then my PC randomly reboots and long story short it was the 24 pin connector that was loose

    Which leads me to another problem

    The 24 pin connector won't clip in
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    This is not unusual, my 24pin has never clicked in. Just push it harder, the motherboard will be ALOT stronger than you think, but obviously do not put too much strain on it. Most of the time if you push it in hard enough it won't come out again (KEEP YOUR MIND CLEAN) So do not worry about the clip clicking in.
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