32bit or 64bit os on 2gb ram.....?

Currently i have windows 8 32bit and now i am upgrading to windows 10........
Should i go with 32bit or 64bit version and what are the cons of using 64bit on 2gb ram
My specs:
Cpu- Intel pentium dual core e5400 2.70 ghz
Ram- 2gb ddr2 800mhz
Gpu- geforce 9400GT 1Gb
Pls help me.....
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    There is no "upgrade" from a 32-bit OS to a 64-bit OS. It requires a full installation.

    If you are using the free upgrade from Microsoft, I believe you will only have the 32-bit option. If you are purchasing a new Windows license (DVD or download media), then there is no reason not to get the 64-bit version. If your system actually supports more than 4GB of RAM, you'll want the 64-bit version.

    If your system does not support more than 4GB of RAM, then it's not going to matter which version of Windows 10 you get as (unless you purchase the retail version), you will be required to purchase a new license for a new system anyway.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Yes i am going to do a full installation....i mistakenly used the term upgrading.....and my mobo supports upto 8gb of question was will i get any performance impact if i install the 64bit version...on 2gb ram
  3. No. There shouldn't be any difference in performance.

    -Wolf sends
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