No link to Sensation thread from email notification, where are "Views", where can I find my posts?

I received an email that I Got A New Badge, "Your thread is the talk of the town, with 10,000 views on a single thread!" - why is there no link to the thread that got 10,000 views in the email? How can I tell which thread it was? The forum topics show "Replies" not "Views". Where can I find "Views"? If I click on the link "See My Collection" it has no personal information whatsoever. It just shows current posts and topics.

Finally, if it wasn't for my bookmarks I'd never be able to find all my past posts. If log into my account and go to my personal info there is no list of my posted questions. And If I do a search for my username I get about 3 posts with my name, when there are actually over a dozen.

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    its an automated response. i do agree, if it was not provided a link would be nice but its not set up that way unfortunately.

    forum>see all threads>refine by:more:by author
    that is what you want to look at for all your posts. below are the results for TH and TG

    its easy to find out that is the thread in question. edited link, looks like i had the wrong one tagged at first.
  2. Thanks - I added an update to the popular post.

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