My Vaio freezes for a few seconds and idk why

My Vaio laptop keeps freezing or "hanging" for a few seconds when im on google or loading something up. i play this game called league of legends and whenever i want to load a champion it usually took 1-2 seconds but now with the freeze it takes 8-15 seconds and its really annoying. also in games i freeze in one spot for 15 seconds, unable to do anything until it comes back to normal. PLEASE HELP ME
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    Here are some troubleshooting suggestions that may help in solving the issue.
    - Start doing a virus/malware clean up. Please refer to this link below for tools and guide.
    - Once done with the scan and the same problem persist do check the temps of your PC because overheating components can cause lags or freezing.
    - Do open your laptop and clean the inside of it to make sure that the fans has no dust on it and also do apply new thermal paste on both the GPU and CPU to help cooling it down.
    - Do also run Windows Update and install all the updates.
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