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Installed coretemp on my laptop the other day to discover it is apparently running at a high of 81ºC, and a low of 50ºC, this can't be right, even for an old laptop. I'm not stressing the laptop at all, as it stays at a constant 75ºC with the CPU running at about 20%, and its well ventelated, its currently sat on a box on my lap, with the back end to allow the fan on the bottom better airflow.

Is this realistic or is there a better way of checking the CPU temperature? If it is real what should I do?

Or is this a normal temperature for a laptop as old as mine? (advent 7105 )

Thank you.
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  1. Afterrunning programs check the temp in coretemp, then shutdown quickly nd go into the bios and checck what is has for temps. 80c seems very high for a sempron and I dont think coretemp is reporting correctly.
  2. Laptops have a tight line of fins for the heat sink, with the fan blowing over them it collects lint just like a lint trap in a dryer. After time this can completely block the air flow causing over heating.
    Try getting a can of air duster and blowing into the exhaust. Even just blowing really hard yourself can cause a cloud of clumpy dust to expell.

    Just my sane guess as why the computer would be running way hot.
    Also can you hear the fan at all? If you can't it might of ceased up on you.

    I see this all the time in my job as a laptop tech.
  3. @Popatim Thanks but I had a look in the bios and I couldn't find the temperature, and I looked on every page.

    @MCMunroe, I opened up the case and had a look and there is a decent layer of dust coating the fan blades, but I often hear the fan come on at about 75c. So while the dust is something I'll clean up is it likely that the tempcore is just wrongly calibrated?
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