My K40 Keyboard Macros Suddenly Not Working

Hello All,
I received a Corsair Raptor K40 keyboard for Xmas, but as of last night, the G keys have stopped working. I believe it may have to do with the Windows update that installed last night, but I am not sure. Anyone having the same issue, or know a solution? In the short time I've had the keyboard I've grown quite reliant on my macros, and this is a major shame!
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  1. Are your macros still set in the Corsair Utility Engine? (I don't have a Corsair keyboard, but I do have a Corsair mouse that uses Corsair Utility Engine, and a Logitech keyboard that uses something similar)
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    Please try to un-install and reinstall the driver on your computer. it will start working fine. it is still not working, this could be issue with the keyboard itself.
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