Ubisoft Reveals Post-Launch Details For 'The Division,' Three Expansions Planned

Ubisoft revealed three expansions for "Tom Clancy's The Division" as well as free, periodic updates.

Ubisoft Reveals Post-Launch Details For 'The Division,' Three Expansions Planned : Read more
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  1. That's Ubisoft for you. Expansion when the game isn't even out yet.
  2. yeah.. poor graphix and lowered quality, content, and map size.
    im about to test it out and im sure the game is already lost.
    its a shame they waste so much potencial.:kaola:
  3. It's preloaded.

    I was curious about all of this downgrade talk. I watched the 2013 E3 trailer. Anyone that saw that video and thought it was in any way realistic or representative of actual gameplay wasn't paying attention to it.

    Anyway, they should have some roadmap for expansions so they make sense. Overworld, underworld, deep dank underworld I guess. Then a forest level. Maybe there's a DLC trip to Appalachia. That'd be sweet.
  4. Is this a 2016 game? From what i ve seen it s an disappointment, years of w8 for another downgrade... At least they could relies the hd texture packs or something for the graphics lovers....
  5. Sadly it's third-person only. I'll pass.
  6. 1 - Expansion packs announced before the game even launches? Blatant price gouging from Ubi Soft
    2 - Season Pass: At this point you'd have to be entirely insane to buy a AAA season pass pre-release, or even just a straight pre-order. See...well, pretty much every AAA car crash Day 1 and the aftermath.

    "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing"
  7. just played beta, dissapointly downgrade graphic.
    im buyin but still be ready to quick sell & tell bout the graphic after, so there shall be no one fall for trailer crap.
  8. The character is too full of animation as I'm moving the mouse about. Made me sick.
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