Return discounted monitor over a stuck pixel?

While deciding what to do about my situation I thought, why not ask the illustrious people of Tom's Hardware?

I purchased a Benq XL2411Z monitor off Amazon and it arrived about a week ago. It was discounted and I jumped at the opportunity.

While using it, however, I noticed it had a stuck pixel in the bottom-left sector, as well as a bright patch (which is not too noticeable unless the screen is all white). The stuck pixel is only capable of displaying the color blue.

The thing is, there are no more in stock at Amazon Mexico. They say they can only give me a refund if I don't want it anymore.

Other sites either don't have it or have it at a ridiculously inflated price - upwards to double its price in the US.

If I do return it, my only option for a 144hz display would be to buy an Asus VG248QE - other models and brands are either unavailable or grossly overpriced as well.

What would you advice me to do? Do I return it and get the Asus? Or is the Benq too good a monitor to let go over a stuck pixel?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Sebastian_8 said:
    return it and say you want a replacement when they get new stock of them or take a day trip to the us

    Thanks for the input. Unfortunately, it won't help to do any of those things: Amazon Mexico takes centuries to restock. I'd been checking regularly for the VG248QE to become available (it was the first monitor I was considering until I saw the Benq on discount) for several months, and to this day it is still unavailable. It's not just that monitor either, I have waited for all sorts of PC parts and gear to become available with no luck. I always end up getting them somewhere else. Plus, I can't afford to wait for it to get restocked because I don't have any spare monitors. I sold my previous one to afford the new one.

    As for your trip idea, it'd be cheaper to just import one and pay the shipping and taxes, but it would still be out of my budget.

    Basically, it's either keep the Benq or return it and get the ASUS. No way around.
  2. they won't replace monitor for just 1 stuck pixel as usually 3 to 5 pixels tho that depends on the manufacturer.
  3. Best answer
    I had the asus which came with a line down it. I sent it back and got the benq. Mine came with one stuck pixel. I could of exchanged it but I just kept it and to be honest with as picky as I am I never think about it unless a black screen comes up. You could live with it and may even be able to get it unstuck. I personally had no luck but you might.
  4. Oh and fyi. The benq was a much nicer monitor. Better color and less blure. There are thing you can do to make the asus perform almost the same but honestly the benq is still better.
  5. Update.. I just got home and thought I try one more time to get my pixel unstuck and it worked this time. Lol put pressure on the stuck pixel with your finger and turn your monitor on and off while still keeping pressure. It just worked for me so give it a try.
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