No OS after trying to get back from Windows 10 to Windows 7, keyboard not working while booting

Hello, i'll really appreciate if you help me with this issue .. you will save me a lot of efforts!

So yestarday, I decided to upgrade my windows 7 to windows 10. The installation ran very well, but when it finally installed, my screen was flashing .. like every second! So i decided to get rid of windows 10 and take back my windows 7. So .. my files started recovering but it got stuck. I restarted my pc. After the restart the following error appeared :

an operating system wasn't found try disconnecting any drives that don't contain an operating system

I knew that im messed up and now i dont have OS. After massive ragequit, i decided to use my flash drive to install a fresh new Windows 7, but guess what. When i tried to open the bios, nothing happened. It is the right key, i am sure. Also the key leds ain't working. Could be the drivers maybe? I dont know .. thats why i am here. I want to know why is my keyboard not working.

Note : I tried all usb types i have on my Zalman z11 case, 3.0 - 2.0 .. still the same.

Thanks for the given time!

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  1. Hi

    Since no make & model especially motherboard we cant guess how to get into bios

    Type of window 7 oem, retail or upgrade would be useful
    Self built or big name laptop or desktop etc

    Delete key is most popular way into bios also f1 or f2

    F11 or f12 or f8 often gets to boot menu without needin to get into bios

    Often a recovery partition is provided by big name manufacturers to return to as delivered state
    Read motherboard manual or user guide for details

    Dont panic

    Unless you have full backup of important data you may need to do data recovery first

    Hirens boot cd is usefull as you can boot up to XP and copy files off to a usb hard disk or memory stick or over network cable

    Sorry reading again keyboard not working

    Use a usb 2.0 port not usb 3.0

    Try another known working keyboard prefferably ps/2
    What is displayed on screen as pc powers up?

    Mike Barnes
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    use an external keyboard and try using a dvd instead of usb and perform a clean install or create a partition and recover the contents of your drive after the install
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