Looking to transfer files from a hd with 32bit OS to a HD with a 64bit OS

Hello if I attach a HD that has Windows vista 32bit to my computer that have Windows 10 64bit (an SSD). Can I transfer music off that old drive and store it on to a storage HD?

*windows 10 64bit is on the SSD
*i have a 1TB HD for storage
*the old drive has windows vista 32bit
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    yes, file transfers work perfectly. Just attach it to computer and copy away as you want.
    Only possible problem might be if you had 3rd party encrypting done on disk, making contents less than readable right away. (I doubt it)

    OS 32 bits limited maximum amount of ram, not really anything on the file system. (even if it was old FAT32 file system, it would only have limited file size to maximum of 4GB/file which still wouldn't hurt you since you are copying FROM it, not TO it.)
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