Browser Hijackers HELP NEEDED!

Hello, i have recently had problems with hijackers (i dont know how to call them) like those search engines that pop up, i have removed the a couple of times but it comes back in sometime.
I currently have the search engine ''Top arama'' the website is
Please help how to get rid of it or im gonna die probably.
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  1. And for free please :=3
  2. This should help-

    As for the music on the a surfboard? :lol:
  3. I would try super anti spyware and malarebytes first, they usually get everything but worst case scenario a full system wipe can be done but only if there are no other solutions
  4. Im looking for like an anti-virus that would block it for even installing.
  5. But i found a solution that works but idk for how long.
    I reset firefox.
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    I can understand not having money but getting a proper AV like Bitdefender is paid back by peace of mind. Between it and Ublock Origin add on for browsers, I can't even visit sites that would try to give me all these lovely add ons and unexpected extras. Its the best cure for all these things you pick up.

    Its a shame Bitdefender free doesn't work with win 10 from what I can see. Avast free is okay except like their paid versions, it always feels like they want your money.
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