Keyboard and mini-USB no longer working after installation Firefox + Silverlight (Windows 10 on tablet)

Now this is a frustrating one. I recently purchased a Point of View TAB-P1005W-232 (Windows 10 tablet) that worked a treat... Until I tried installing both Firefox and Silverlight.

Though I'm not sure if that's the issue, the problem took place after I went to , which is a premium streaming site for Ziggo members (a dutch ISP). It required Silverlight, so I installed the appropriate software. It worked fine for a bit, when suddenly the touchscreen stopped working along with the keyboard. I restarted it, and the touchscreen worked, but the keyboard gave no response.

It still receives power, as tested via the indicator light and the USB port (which gives power but no actual connection). Later on I learned that the mini-USB connector didn't work anymore either, but still received power from the charger.

To top it off, it appears the recovery image is missing from the system after I tried reverting the most recent update (which did nothing at all), so recovering isn't an option either. And to put the cherry on it as well, the keyboard no longer even works in the BIOS of the system (which I could only get to work via Windows 10's special boot feature).

I'm about to send the thing back, but perhaps one of you clever people is able to solve this particularly odd issue for me. It'd be fantastic.

Kind regards and thanks in advance,
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    You could try and locate your USB device In Device Manger and uninstall it. You will need to scan for hardware changes and perhaps also reboot in order for OS to have generic drivers for your USB and Keyboard. It looks like a dedicated port relying on the USB port for your keyboard which leads me to believe that your drivers may have also gone awry.

    Here's another thing that you could do:
    a| open OSK(on screen keyboard)
    b| perform a repair install

    Hope this helps
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